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Sunbuddy Sunscreen is a natural,
broad-spectrum sunscreen product
that provides Superior Protection
against harmful UVA and UVB rays
without the use of harmful chemicals.
Sunbuddy is SAFE and PURE!

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Sunbuddy Sunscreen comes in a single-
use application packet. The perfect size
to take along with you anytime you are
outdoors . . . whether you're hiking,
golfing, biking, swimming or skiing.
From wallets and purses, to day packs,
golf bags and diaper bags, Sunbuddy
goes where you go. Without the hassle
and mess.

NEW! at Sunbuddy!

QUART bottles with Flip Tops and
Gallon Bottles with Pump Tops! These
dispensers are great for locker rooms,
construction sites, utility companies
and any company where there exists
a high degree of outside sun exposure.

Also Available in
3 oz. Bottles!

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Sunbuddy Sunscreen is so water
resistant that it can even be applied
under water!

“Sunbuddy can make sunscreen
easier when you’re on the go.
The single-use packets provide
a generous amount of coverage
for anyone on the go!”

— Prevention Magazine

Made with Eco-Friendly ingredients,

SunBuddy provides ultimate protection
from both UVA and UVB rays. SunBuddy
is water and sweat resistant, and is unscented.

Sunbuddy Sunscreen also dries clean
and clear, and is not sticky, oily or

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