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Sunbuddy Single-Use Packets Everybuddy Needs Sunbuddy Sometime!

Sunbuddy can make sunscreen easier when you're on the go. These single use packets provide a palm full of sunscreen for full body coverage.


SunBuddy comes in a single-use application packet. The perfect size to take along with you anytime you're outdoors, whether you're hiking, golfing, biking, swimming or skiing. From wallets and purses to day packs, golf bags and diaper bags, SunBuddy goes where you go, without any hassle or mess.

Sunbuddy single-application packets are available to vendors in these convenient, counter top display boxes. Each box contains 36 packets and can be purchased with 2 formulations per box. call 877 786 2831 to order.
Sunbuddy packets are also available in clip strips of 12. Each packet is attached to an attractive display card. Clip strips are available in cases of 12 strips (144 packets). To order call 877 786 2831

SunBuddy is instantly water and sweat resistant, unscented and dries clean and clear, not sticky, oily or greasy.

Available in SPF 30 , SPF 30for Babies, SPF 30 Sport, SPF Plus with Natural Insect Repellent, and SPF Plus for Fishermen; SunBuddy has a formula that is just right for all of your family's needs.


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PO Box 251, Golden, MO 65658
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